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Are you seeking a new cost-effective marketing channel through which you can directly reach dietitians with your product information? We'd like to introduce the marketing opportunities available through the ADSA electronic mailer platform. ADSA's mailers allow you to connect with about 1 600 dietitians across the country through ADSA's member database.

National Sponsorship (Available on request)


Nutrition-related employment or rental opportunities can be advertised free of charge. 

All communication should be aligned with evidence based practice and will be assessed for scientific accuracy and appropriateness before approved.

Image by Salomé Watel

2023 RATES:

Quarterly Newsletter

Weekly Mailer  (non members)

Weekly Mailer  (ADSA members) 

Standalone Exclusive Mailer

R 3 200*

R 5 200*

R 850*

R 10 500*

*all rates inclusive of VAT
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