ADSA Executive Committee 2015-2017

Maryke Gallagher

President: directs, manages and guides the Association, oversees all its activities on a strategic level and builds strategic partnerships

Catherine Day

Communications: coordinates all internal communication with members, via the weekly bulletin and quarterly executive newsletters, manages ADSA’s website, and ADSA’s inputs into other scientific journals or international newsletters, as well as co-ordinating a bursary fund and being a member of the PR team

Robin Dolman

Continuous Professional Development (CPD): manages the accreditation of CPD events and online activities to create opportunities for continued education and upskilling of dietitians. Each year the 10 ADSA branches across the country are encouraged to host one CPD event per quarter and there has been on average 3 to 4 CPD-accredited events per branch per year. This portfolio also provides dietitians with access to latest scientific evidence, guidelines and resources through PEN.

Kerry-Ann Dolloway

Membership: manages membership applications and coordinates member benefits. Liaises with members and non-members to establish needs to enhance membership benefits.

Nicole du Trevou
Secretary: assists with organisational tasks for the Executive Committee, such as taking meeting minutes and record keeping
Leanne Kiezer
Sponsorship: recruits and manages suitable sponsors in line with ADSA’s updated rigorous sponsorship policy

Catherine Pereira Public Relations: handles all aspects related to public relations, including planning and implementing nutrition and health-related awareness days, formulating and publicising statements based on evidence, acting as the official contact person for input into media content, monitoring of nutrition information communicated to the public and creating content to promote the profession in the public space, assisted by a team of spokespeople
Alpha Rasekhala
Representation: coordinates ADSA representatives on eight different official scientific or government groups or committees, as well as other interest groups, and manages the submission of comments to government on nutrition-related draft legislation

Nathalie Mat
Private Practicing Dietitians (PPDs): manages all professional issues relating PPDs, including the PPD database, addressing billing practices and providing assistance to PPDs on issues they may experience in private practice
Nolene Naicker
Public Sector Dietitians (PSD): establishes a support network and line of communication between dietitians in the public sector and ADSA, and communicates relevant developments, such as employer/labour negotiations to ADSA members

Jessica Byrne
Chief Operating Officer: part-time employed dietitian to assist with public relations, attend meetings on behalf of ADSA, and assist with other executive portfolios as and when required
Monique Piderit
Branch Liaison: acts as the communication link between ADSA branch chairpersons and the national Executive Committee to ensure consistency in operations, and manages the mentorship programme