Alpha Rasekhala

Alpha Rasekhala graduated from the University of the North with a B.S.C Dietetics degree and Master’s Degree (M. Dietetics) North-West University.

Alpha is a vivacious, people oriented, enthusiastic and exceptionally organized person.

Alpha started his professional life working as a junior registered dietician at the biggest hospital in the world, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in the early nineties. Alpha was then transferred to Hillbrow hospital, one of the regional hospitals in Gauteng, situated in Johannesburg. The hospital had a reputation for its Oncology and Radiotherapy. Mid-nineties Alpha was promoted to Chief community liaison officer for the Primary School Nutrition programme at the central Provincial office, situated in the inner city of Johannesburg. It was here that he learned to sharpen his project management skills and public health programmes especially poverty alleviation. He was then, promoted to Assistant director Nutrition at Professional services. This was a multidisciplinary Directorate where the aim of the directorate was to strengthen development of health professionals by influencing the Higher Educational Institutions and services in line with transformation framework and principles. This is the National Department of Health, situated in Gauteng Province in Pretoria. During the year 1998 – 2000 the National Department embarked on the process of evaluation of the Nutrition Services the countrywide. Alpha was appointed to conduct rapid assessments in 9 Provinces, with the aim of setting norms, standards and developing national policy. He developed monitoring tools to support the quality assurance programmes. Furthermore, he performed the rapid assessment of 3 Food Service Units per Department per province, Health (Academic, Regional and District hospitals), Correctional Services (Large, Medium and Small prisons) and Welfare (Old age homes, Places of safety and Day care centres.

After the consultancy, Alpha registered his own Consultancy firm (Alpha Rasekhala Consulting) which has done the following consultancies- Nutrition marketing talk shows for Nestle South Africa, Desktop literature review for School nutrition Programme for the National department of Education, Food Fortification, Desktop literature review for ECSA, Household Food Security research for KZN Department of health, Nutrition marketing talk show for the South African Sugar Association and Presenting wellness programmes to companies and concurrently he is practicing as a private practicing Dietician for the Clinix Health Group. He is involved in the provision of advice on nutrition, consultation on prescription of nutrition regime for different conditions. Alpha worked as part of a team of dietitians who are involved with the Woolworths: Making the Difference through Nutrition parent talks and does presentation at previously disadvantaged communities.